Mrs. Potato Head, as seen in the 1980s

Mrs. Potato Head was born in 1953.

Usually, she features the same body, arms, and ears of her husband Mr. Potato Head, but with different hats, eyes, and lips, depending on the many different themes.


The 1980s Mrs. Potato Head featured:

  • x1 Potato Body with non-removable arms
  • x2 Pink ears
  • x1 Pair of Green shoes
  • x1 Pair of red lips
  • x1 Pair of female eyes
  • x1 Pink oval nose
  • x2 Yellow ear rings
  • x1 Yellow visor hat
  • x1 Red handbag
  • x1 Flower accessory
  • x1 Pair of green glasses

In 2006, Mrs. Potato Head was re-released in her original design as seen throughout the 1980s. The design of her eyes were more detailed and the visor utilized a peg to attach it to the head.